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Hey guys and gals

Im selling my two amp thats in my car right now
Both are in good working condition but its just time for me to upgrade again ;D

Here is whats for sale:

RF Power series 800.2
Pushes a good 400x2 or 800x1

Asking price $250 OBO

RF Power Series 400.4
Pushies 50-60x4 or 200x2
You can also make it so it has 60x2 and 200x1 good if you are running a small system

Asking Price $150 OBO

If you get both Ill throw in the Bridgelink that links the two amps togather , and also if you are local i can hook you up with a good price on install at one of the shops i know.

Those are pics

The prices are reasonable so please no low ballers please

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