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F/S G-force ECU, HKS VPC, HKS GCC, Stock Wing and more

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Ive got some extra parts laying around in the garage, from when i went AEM. My car made over 700rwhp with these products!

MKIV TT 6 speed G-Force ECU, Rev limiter set to 8,000rpms, Top speed limiter is removed. Asking $350.00

Next: HKS VPC,(Vein pressure converter) allows you to get rid of the maf and convert to speed density. It is in perfect condition, comes with all sensors and harness. Great for BPU or small single cars! Asking $400.00 obo

Next: HKS GCC fuel Controller. Comes with all sensors and harness. Asking $350.00 obo

Last: Stock Toyota Supra TT Wing, Black in color, absolutley NO scratches! It was just repainted about 6 months ago. Asking $200.00.

PM me for pics, and more info
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the seller is banned and you might want to do some research on that seller....
Seller is banned forever. You guys will not get pics.
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