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What is your First & Last name? Silas Lee
What is your email? [email protected]
What is your phone number? -Optional: 415-215-3030
What is your City? : San Francisco
What is your State? : Cali
What is your Zipcode? : 94118

Ad Description:


All items are BRAND SPANKIN NEW!

1. TT front brake pads
Axxiis Metal Master Part # 65-D619 $ 40

2. TT front brake pads
Project MU B-Force F103 $70

3. Metal Cat High Flow catalytic converter, 3' inlet and outlet, fully polished stainless. Best flowing legal cat on the market. $150

4. OEM rubber intake hose, part # 17345-46040 $65
Paid $85 from Curt. ( this is the one that goes from the intake down)

5. OEM rubber hose, part# 17341-46150 $65
Paid around $$85-$90 from Curt ( This is the one that goes thru the passenger side fender to the intercooler)

These prices are more than fair, so I have to stay firm on them. Buyers must cover all shipping and Paypal fees.
If anyone wants pics, feel free to PM me and provide your email.

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