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What is your First & Last name?: Chris Tam
-What is your email?: [email protected]
-What is your phone number? : PM
-What is your City? : Brooklyn
-What is your State? : New York
-What is your Zipcode? : 11229

Precision 6766 Journal Bearing Turbo
H Cover (polished)
1.00 A/R divided T4 (ceramic heat coated)
Price: $1,000 shipped (Alaska and Hawaii is extra)

I am selling my precision 6766 Journal Bearing Turbo. The turbo was rebuilt by BoostLabs in 2018. I have put less than 500 miles on this turbo since the rebuild. Turbo is in new condition, there is no shaft play or leaks.
H cover (4"inlet / 3" outlet) Polished with a 1.00 A/R which is also ceramic heat coated
I have receipts of the rebuild as well as below pictures. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT A FASTER RESPONSE. I AM NOT ON SUPRAFORUMS DAILY

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