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Hello everyone,

We just recently found out that my sister is carrying a child that has been way over due. Basically this is her third pregnancy but the first two was a miscarriage. Now my sister is requesting my Mom to be beside her during her term but the problem is my Mom does not have a car nor know how to drive a manual car. So, since my sister lives 30mins away from us I am voluntarily letting my car go for a trade with anyone who has an automatic car. It's a car that I will miss but it's for a good reason.

I'd like to trade with a 4dr preferrably but if not it's okay long as it runs fairly well. Just throw me some pictures and specs of the car you'd like to trade and/or we can meet up. By the way, I live in San Diego specifically Mira Mesa.

Here are information on my car. It's an alpine white 1989 BMW 325i, 2dr, 5spd. The odometer reads at 247,055. I haven't had any issues with the car running and the smog passes with ease. It's equipped with a hard to find MTechnik rear spoiler. It is lowered with eibach springs and bilstein shocks. The wheels are bbs basket wieves and tires are in good condition. A power chip has been installed by the prior owner along with a K&N filter, a front strut tower bar and exhaust. The car has a clarion deck, clarion cd changer and an enclosed 12" JL speaker. It has after market leather front seats made by MONACO and the rears are stock cloth. It has a MOMO steering wheel that combos with a carbon fiber MOMO shift knob. No cracks on the dash board. The car is tinted reflectively all the way around with an alarm that has an automatic window roll up. I just installed an HID 5k kit, changed the high beam and fog lights to yellow. Today I installed a new valve cover gasket because it's leaking oil but not sure exactly where. I ordered some all red tail lights that are coming from Germany but i'm still waiting for it's arrival.

Most of everything works on the car except for the a.c. (the compressor is bad) and the passenger fog light fuse keeps on blowing. The 2nd gear grinds alot so I usually just shift from 1st to 3rd. I haven't checked the tranny oil yet so I'm not sure what could be the problem, gear oil low or bad syncro?. The passenger headlight and front bumper lip is cracked. I'm no sure what it is but the throttle cable gets a little stuck causing the motor to rev higher after my point of destination. Ofcourse, the car is really clean but it couldn't get away from other people creating some dents on the car. I hate that! Well, I think I covered just about everything..wait..oh yeah I have the title in hand.

If I didn't cover everything please ask me. I hope a kind soul out there will help me out. Please contact me at [email protected] or at 858-337-8608 to schedule a meeting or for any questions.

Thank you,

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Might want to move the post over to the For Sale section. He might have better luck cause there will be more traffic there.

Just a suggestion

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I think you might want to look at Spec E30 forums, the car looks like a nice candidate for someone who is willing to pay for it.
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