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The incredible story of a Ferrari of Saddam Hussein's son who survived the dictator's fury

It is an F40 that had been abandoned in Iraq and was in terrible condition. It was recovered and sold to a Saudi collector at a million dollar price


With no precision on the date but with a gloating drawn on his face that must be credible to the story, Saddam Hussein told American guards who were guarding him an episode with which he decided to punish his oldest son, Uday, after he massacred a group of people after a discussion at a party. "I was so angry with him that I ended up burning all the cars," said the bloody dictator, according to the account reconstructed years after his execution. But there was at least one model of the many super sports cars that Hussein's firstborn had who was saved from the stake. And that car is currently driving the opulent streets and routes of Saudi Arabia.

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