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· Is it turbo? Is it stick?
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is the engine in or out of the car? what have you tried so far?

if its in the car and you have some balls, get a lonnnnng extension on a breaker bar, like 4' at least and position it so the socket is on the pulley bolt and the end of the extension is touching the ground. make sure its on there nice and solid (important: also know which way the crank spins so that when you do the next step it will spin the breaker bar toward the ground, not the other direction!!).
disconnect fuel and/or spark so the engine wont start, and crank the motor just for a second so the starter turns the crank. there's a ton of force behind that and it should break it loose.

if the engine is out of the car like mine then you need a long ass extension again from the crank side and have to jam a prybar into one of the teeth of the flywheel on the other side... 2 person job obviously and just put some muscle into it. after a 1000 ft. lb. IR impact gun couldnt break mine loose this is the method that finally got mine off... still wasnt easy but it worked and i felt so victorious after, haha.

good luck...

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its in the car but not completly mounted up yet, Ive pondered that idea but would rather just do it right the first time and I will be needing the tool in the future anyway. I am thinking of waiting to afford a mig and fabbing up my own tool unless someone can do it for me
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