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Factory 3-in-1

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to find out what model number 3-in-1 radio is in the Supra. I have a 91 Celica GT-S with the Fujitsu 10 stereo in it. The 3-in-1 is dead. It's model # 16801. I know that the Supra have a Fujitsu head unit and I'm hoping it's the same.

If it is, does anyone have one for sale?

I'm located in Austin, TX and would be willing to meet up with a Supra owner that has their head unit out of the car for testing.
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her is a pic from mine its from a 94 supra tt

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I do not believe the Supra headunit will work in your Celica.

The Supra headunit is not powered, it uses the passenger located amplifier to drive the speakers.

Don't remember the Celica having a factory amp?

I could be wrong though.

Thomas Kenyon
There is an amp under the passenger seat. It drives all 10 speakers. So I'm hoping it will work.
Oh and btw, thanks for the pic RanGer498.
np ;)also i belive the supra has only 8 speakes! well i know mine does! good luck and im hoping the best for you!
Originally posted by Turboman:
<STRONG>Oh and btw, thanks for the pic RanGer498.</STRONG>

That would be great. I'll try and get the center console mostly apart so it would be a quick test.

Where is Custom Sounds located in SA?
Ok then, I stand corrected.....

I have a few stock Supra radios here if you would like to try one out.

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
8 speakers? Where is # 8?

Two tweeters dash
Two Mids Doors
Two Woofers Rear
One 6x9 "Sub woofer"
he meant 7 and the rear is not a 6x9 its a 5x7
Originally posted by jones'n:
<STRONG>8 speakers? Where is # 8?

Two tweeters dash
Two Mids Doors
Two Woofers Rear
One 6x9 "Sub woofer"</STRONG>
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