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fayetteville GUN sale TRP operator. (updated w pics)

anyone in fayetteville interested in buying a Springfield Armory TRP operator full rail (black), w safariland custom leather hip holster, 5 extended mags, 2 regular mags, 2 double mag holders, and 2 single mag holders, cleaining kit, the whole nine.

match grade trigger, 3inch bull barrel, sandpaper grips, tritium glow in the dark sights, the works.


pistol itself is worth 3500.00, they no longer produce these, unless for custom order, and they still arent the same quality as the first hand made, hand assembled and machined ones like mine.

also they have a lifetime warranty, meaning, if you scratch it, want it re blued, or break anything (damn near impossible) u ship it there, they will return it to you like new, gun shops do it all the time, bc lots of guys dont know that springfield offers the service for free on thier elite pistols.

im no longer a military or off reservation shooter, so the need is no longer there for her. even though its one of those deals i know ill be kicking myself in the ass for one day lol.

pics below, thanks.

shes at the bottom right with the rest of her family lol

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