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*dont know if i should post on the mk3 technical section

Hi, got a hit and run. So i'm looking for replacement parts for those who remembers. I'm currently looking for a driver side fender and preferably black to save some money. My car is +89 but i found a black 87 fender. Just to be sure before I purchase and have it shipped, it would fit right? Some problems though: If 87 fender, i have to get the 2 plastic trim/molding from +89 to fit my year right(whats the actual name for that)? Since I have black exterior, is the color of that trim consider dark grayish( what other color supra would have same color has the black supra)? Would the different year molding fit in the 87? I know i would also have to get the side marker that comes from a +89 right? Would these molding and side marker from different year fit right on with no hassle. My main problem is though is the side strip sticker. For +89 black exterior the sticker is white, I dont think it would match the 87 fender sticker. How and where can i get the side sticker(theres no way I can peel off my own and yet still use it huh)? Does toyota sell the sticker strip for the fender? Anyways, whoa sorry for book of questions? Just wanna make sure before i purchase and cant return.
Thanks and sorry to the ppl that have been able to reach the bottom of this mess
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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