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Hi Guys, I have a problem with the fitment to, but a lil more difficult :)
To the facts:
Wheels - 19 x 9.5 front & 19 x 10.5 rear ET 0 all round
Below how it looks now on some narrow tires:

How much do I need to roll/pull my fenders to make it work... and is it possible? :)
I'm going to say its not possible to pull the fenders enough to make it work and still make the fender pull look good. Either get better fitting wheels or you have to do a slight widebody.


Is it turbo? Is it stick?
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Just rolled my fenders. pulling doesnt seem to look good on SUPRA IMO.
Do you have pictures?

"Rolling" fenders should not change the appearance of the car at all, it should only roll the lip flat on the inside of the wheel well.
"Pulling" fenders is where you actually reshape the fender to pull it outward and create more clearance that way.

I much prefer rolling to pulling in most cases, unless you are smoothing and repainting your fenders after to blend it better.

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Ok, I'm posting my experiences mainly for the DIY'rs; however, I don't work for a bodyshop or own one. Consequently, I'd defer to someone like Stefan for a professional opinion. With that said, though, I've personally tried rolling, cutting, and grinding and have found grinding to be the best approach. Below are some pics and comments on techniques that worked for me.

About 3 years ago, I tried rolling the fenders on my sc300 to fit 28" Hoozier bias-ply slicks; you can see the car squating in my avatar on the left. While rolling provided the required clearance, the fender creased next to every hole where the plastic retainers hold the fender lip guard. The result is the dreaded "curtain" effect.

Curtain effect:

Since I'm building a another car, it gave me a second crack at getting the fenders right. Here are the fenders in stock form with the lip guard removed for comparison later.

Rear fender well:

Top fender well:

Front fender well:

Since rolling didn't work the first go-around, I tried cutting them this time. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to maintain a straight cut line even with a guide. Additionally, the disk tends to grab making the depth of the cut uneven. Since I planned to grind the fender smooth anyway, I gave up cutting and went right to grinding.

What worked best is to hold the grinder at an angle using trailing edge contact with the fender. I then swept the grinder all the way across the radius of the fender. In the picture below, I'm sweeping the grinder from right to left making contact with the right side of the disk; the disk is rotating counter-clockwise. I tapered the lip from bottom (wider) to top (narrower) by incrementally starting higher and higher on the fender in shorter arcs. To blend the taper, I would occasionally run the grinder across the entire radius creating a smooth taper.


I also suggest keeping the plastic retainers in place as they prevent the grinder from digging into the retainer holes. My objective was to keep all but the top two retainers so I could re-attach the lip guard when not running slicks. I'm only running a 275/40 tire with TT wheels on the street and wanted to bridge the gap between the fender and the tire with an OEM finish.

Once the grinding was complete, I went back with a file and rounded the edge. Obviously, you'll need to work both the outside and inside part of the lip.



Here are the results on the passenger side of the car. Keep in mind, I'll go back and add some type of sealant to the edge to reduce the chances of the bare metal rusting.

Rear modified:

Top modified:

Front modified:

You'll notice that the retainer clips are in tact but have been ground down. However, there's enough material left to hold the fender guard in place.

Rear lip guard:

Top lip guard:

It only took me about a 1 1/2 hours to complete the job. Obviously, the first fender took longer than the second. Once you get the technique down, it doesn't take long at all. I'm very pleased with the results and can run a very big tire at the track while keeping an OEM look on the street. :)


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About to roll mine and pull them a little to fit my 335s it's rubbing on my drivers side when I get on it. Il try to take some before and after pics.
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