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About fender rolling, how much does it cost and where could it be done? any help is cool. About the racing supras (Castrol, Sard Denso, F/K Massimo, etc, etc) where can you buy those bumpers, hoods, etc. i know that there are only like three in the world, they have shitloads of them. you would probably need to go to japan but if anyone knows anything please reply!

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SupraSpeed75 said:
...About fender rolling, how much does it cost...
I got mine done for $100 ($50 each on the rear fenders)

...and where could it be done?
I got it done at a place in Atlanta called "Butler Tire". They have a special tool and they heat the paint with a heat gun. I tried the rolling (vs. cutting) first because I figured I could always cut later if the rolling didn't work out, but there'd be no way to roll after cutting. Fortunately, the rolling worked out great - I've got all the clearance of cutting, with no spotwelds cut (imo, this leaves the fender a bit stronger than cutting).
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