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Gentlemen, I require urgent assistance.

I ordered the Titan motorsports Ferrea Valvetrain kit recently.

It contained the : *Super Flow 1mm Oversized - Competition Plus Intake and Exhaust Valves
*Dual Valve Springs - Special Alloy - SL 10045
*Titanium Retainers
*Spring Seat Locators - Sl 1001

The problem I am having is that the Dual Valvesprings (#SL 10045) are not seating properly in the lower seat. The diameter of the dual spring is just to large for the smaller diameter of the stock hole with the ferrea locators (#SL 1001)

The ferrea locators do not sit flush within the head, they sit about .0015 (inch) lower, and do not allow for the spring to seat properly.

John at ferrea assures me that the products should match up. Could any of you offer some assistance.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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