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Hey guys im currently looking at buying a Supra as I'm about to get my Ps it will be my first supra so I don't know alot about modding them or what's good/not good about certain models/years of supras I've just always loved them ever since I was a kid I've got the car picked I want but just have a couple questions for those who do know more then I do

1. Is this Year/Model of Supra good and does this specific one seem decent to you for $22,000 AUD (1997 Toyota Supra SZ Auto)

2. How much would it roughly cost to color match and paint the wing I'm looking at getting (it's a Techno R1 Spoiler)

3. How much would it roughly cost to get the large silver plastic part around all the gauges/stereo/handbrake all that stuff painted to match the cars color aswell? (sorry don't know what thats called, the casing?)

Thanks to anyone who can help out, I don't know a whole lot about cars and I want this one to last until my son is 16 so I can give it to him (he's currently 5) so I want to make sure I do everything right, if there's anything I didn't ask that you think I should know or anything tips about owning one you want to share feel free im happy to hear them, thanks
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