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few water/alcohol injection questions

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i've done some searching on this and found alot of good info but i still have a few questions about it...

1) is anyone running one of these setups on a single turbo? if so how much more boost were u able to run, and what kind of hp gains did u see?

2) where the hell do u get the de-natured alcohol at and how much does it cost?

3) what are the pro's/con's of running 100% alcohol?

4) what are pro's/con's of running 100% water?
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I have an alcohol kit on my car.

When they are running properly, you can probably run about 4 - 5 pounds of boost extra, depending on jet size.

I have yet to really use the alky on my car because the tank has been leaking, and i havent had alot of faith in it. You dont want to crank the boost exepecting it to be there, and then detonate.

I run Isopropyl alcohol and water combination. You can buy the alcohol at walgreens, corner grocery stores, etc.

The benefits of running pure alcohol are going to be an increase in octane, as well as an increase in burnable fuel. Ie, if you are running lean, the alcohol will help richen up the mix.

The benefits of water are you wont bog your engine if its already running rich (water doesnt burn) -- it acts as a coolant to cool the intage charge.

I prefer to NOT run pure water, as it doesnt do much good IMHO.

Also, if you run pure water, please be aware that it CAN freeze, you will need to add at least a decent percentage of alcohol to keep it from freezing if you are using it in cold weather.
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I was thinking of building a kit...Im assuming it would consist of a hobs switch that would kick it on at say 14 psi since i can only get 91 octance gas..the hob switch would go to a ford f150 fuel pump which pumps from a reservoir with methanol. From the fuel pump it would go to a nos solenoid, then to the intake, spraying against the airflow...tell me if this is feasible..whats the benefit of methanol over the alcohol mixtures..ekool, if you would email the specs on your kit or pictures i would appreciate it
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