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Good morning everyone. I wanted to post this as an FYI just in case anyone runs into a similar problem to what I had on my Supra.

My car has FIC 850 low impedance injectors from FIC with the Jetronic/Denso adapter plugs. As you may recall I was getting code 25 and some other driveability issues. Ultimately my problem turned out to be with the #6 injector adapter having a bad crimp on one of the terminals. After that I stopped receiving the code and the car ran great... for a while.

Yesterday I pulled out of the garage to drive to the gym and noticed an intermittent miss again. I popped the hood and started fiddling with the wires to see if that was the issue and sure enough it was. All but one of the FIC adapters were poorly crimped on the Denso side. It's almost like too large of a crimp was used and they never fully clamped down on the wire.

If you have the FIC adapters I would recommend checking them out. A properly crimped terminal will break off the wire before allowing it to slip out. I had a couple practically fall out and the rest still slipped out pretty easy.

Mine are a few years old (installed before I purchased the car) and it appears FIC has since changed the design so I can't comment on current quality. I'm not trying to badmouth FIC either. The injectors work great. Just wanted to throw it out there in case it could help someone.
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