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Fields Harness

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Quick question.. does the fields harness prevent any sort of splicing needed with the ECU?

I know BCC needs to have wires spliced into the ECU wires.. I also have a turbo timer (HKS Type1) that needs to have wires connected or spliced into the ECU wires. If I were to get a Fields Harness, would I be able to connect a BCC and the Turbo Timer wires to the Fields Harness, thus eliminating my need to splice into my factory ECU wiring?

Thanks in advance!
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yup !bri ..i tried to call you today i left you a message!

Ranger, I know you have some Fields Harnesses. I want to get one off you.

Also, I'm sorry I missed your call. I left the phone in the car and stepped out. When I got home, it was past 11.. too late I thought to call you.

I'll find out exactly what I need tomorrow or so.

if you have an extra fields harness laying around! ill buy one too!
brian call me anytime tomarrow even if its after11pm mom allows me to stay up late now on

mk4life drop me a pm !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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