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sleeknsilver said:
anyone have fikse FM5's that road race? do you know what the weight of each rim is? i believe their measurement is
18x9.5 and 18x11"? is that a good width? what's the widest tires you can fit effectively with this?

do you know how much they cost? tried doing some research but haven't gotten too much feedback


I thought they were around 15 pounds for just the rim. but don't quote me on that. I run a 18X9.5(f) and 18X10.5(r)
I have rubbing issues with 275/30/18 in the front and if you want to put on anything above a 30 series in the back get something less than 295s. Cause 35 series rubs unless you roll your fenders

The cost when I bought them quoted was $3500 and SW hooked me up for a few hundred less than that.
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