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xskaboomx said:
Any idea on the odors? Basically, a new set of fresh carpet will get out any permanent residue that may have been built up, but does this dye have a chemical feel/smell to it thus hopefully masking any previous residue? I'm not sure if I make any sense, but I'm looking for a cheap alternative to the interior, and I don't want to be left with black dyed carpet and end up having to replace with Toyota black carpet because the faint smoky smell remains.
the dye probably wouldnt be able to mask the smell if its enough to get to you. but cleaning the carpet before hand should do the trick.

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sounds good eric, but i wont be able to drive my car for about a month. had to surrender plates for some stupid reason...god i hate the dmv. but ill try to make it out to dpa in something else or maybe ill just give u a call.

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RZJZA80 said:
ANy ideas where to just get new black carpeting that is or looks OEM?
i just called up a few places to see how much it would cost because on every site ive looked at the carpet stops at 92 supras.
So my phone calls got me nowhere because everyone said their carpet molds are made from the floorpan so if they dont have the car, they cant get it made.

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