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See the thing is everyone says it's going to break not one person has broke one that i heard of..

Too much hearsay on the internet thats the problem.

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Truthfully cracks in the welds has more to do with the filler rod used and the steel that's used in construction than design. Bracing likely wouldn't help it much if it's made of 304.

- Hams.

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I was going to buy one but there were 2 problems:

- Shipping was quoted at $200
- He sent me pictures of this "1J" manifold, and it was a 2J manifold in the pictures.
- He claims he has sold many to 1J owners, but still can't provide a real picture.

This is from Thailand, so if you get screwed over there is nothing you can do about it.

Not worth the risk for $500 imho. I volunteer someone else to buy it. Hopefully the pictures he sent are wrong. I'm going to try twin WRX turbos for now, very cheap. I got 2 turbos, all the oil lines, all the flanges, all for $500.

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A local guy bought 2 of them.. i'll let you know how they turn out..

Cant beat the price, but is it just me or are those exhaust gas openings different shape/diameter? Looks great tho thanks for chiming in and posting the actual photo.

stryderTH said:
Just took this this morning:

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