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j2supraman said:
holy crap...thats in REALLY bad condition bro....repairs would cost more than the car even if it was in mint condition...but for the engine...can't go wrong with a swap :D
nah thats not bad for 650 bucks..really cant go wrong for that.

everything can be fixed and you could have a perfectly reliable and running car for around 5k and thats a pristine everything in the car. maybe a little more if you do 1jz

as for the swap itself.....i love my 7m and as for stock for stock the 1jz is better butonly because the boost is upped........potential they are about the same if not more on the 7m..

reliability is the keyword here...

if done PROPERLY the 7m can be reliable as any other motor..but certain things needs replacing from stock for that to happen.....

HOWEVER.....the 1jz is basically reliable uot of the box with the exception of the turbos......

so its really a crapshoot.....look into the engines and decide what you want...the 1jz swap is becoming increasingly popular..but really for the wrong reasons if you ask me.

anyways good luck and restore that beast! and make sure we get pics along the way ;)
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