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Finally got my Supra fixed!

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Here's the deal. My clutch went out on me a few months ago. After it happened, I discovered and supraforums. While my clutch was down, I bought a used downpipe, used tanabe r.m., and a new TRD clutch all off of ebay. (Thanks SilverTT!)

Let me tell you....I was in HELL not driving my car, probably didn't help that I was reading Supraforums every day.

Yesterday, I got the clutch fixed, and at the same time had the downpipe put on. (Previously, only had the Racing Medallion on.)

I LOVE IT! I finally got to drive my car, and better yet, i finally get to drive it without cats! What a thrill, and I sure do like the sound of the exhaust at W.O.T.

The clutch only has 45 miles on it so far, and it seems to be breaking in fast. The friction point is a lot closer to the floor than I am used to. I actually stalled! Also, it's a little stiff changing gears. Anyway, Even though it wasn't fully broken in, I decided to see what it could do. At 70 mph I dropped it down to fourth and punched it. I have now experienced a moment of PURE JOY in my life. :D ......and then the car lurched and the check engine light came on for a split second. I was like , "WTF!?! What did I do to my car?" Then I remembered about a little thing called boost cut. That wasn't fun....I don't recommend it.;) Yes, I plan on getting a BCC and Boost Controller soon (unless I get the AEM unit).

I have two questions:
Is that a normal Boost Cut experience? It was almost violent.

Is it ok to have the friction point close to the floor?

I can't wait to post my next kill!
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Boost Cut is very similar to hitting a rev limiter and sometimes it can be a liitle harsh but just get a Greddy BCC and turn that sucka' up to 18psi. Then you will experience the true joy of the mkiv!:D
Oh yeah take it easy on the clutch, that probably wasn't good. Unless you want to replace your clutch again soon take it easy for about 600 miles.
I have no idea on the friction point thing.
Yes That Is definately boost cut...The same thing happened many times to me and i couldn't figure it out. Even though i had an HKS FCD. Come to find out, when i bought to car the unit was never hooked up properly. My advice to you buy the Greddy BCC and do the bleeder "t" mod. And then take it for another spin. You'll be happier then ever! oh yeah i'm glad you like the exhaust! -TIM :cool:
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