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After strings of low 8s I finally did it...
Ran a 7.97 @ 92.76mph w/ a 1.98 60 foot.

I have a 2-step Turbo Launcher uninstalled. Hoping to get the 60 foot down a bit when I do. Once I get the hang of the 2-step I'll take the car to a quarter mile track and see what it will do. (1/4 mile track is 1.5 hours away versus less than 10 minutes for the local 1/8th mile) Any guesses on what it will do in the quarter?

My car is BPU+(front mount) and ran 7.91 @ 97 about a month ago.The car has trapped very well for some reason.I backed it up with 96.64 and 96.54.I just installed my 2 step and new arizona clutch so as soon as I break that in , Ill be back.I can see 20 psi in first gear now that Im using the 2-step.:)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts