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I have been lazy to do this but I know it shoudl work. There are alot of you out there with the same proble as me. Water drains into the pilar mount and wets teh gauges. This is how you find out where the water is coming from:

Remove your targa. Apply some petrolium jelly or some other type of grease/cream/lotion on the targa seals. Make sure its not to on thick. SHould be light.

install the targa and tighen the bolts. Remove targa and then check the seal on the car. The cream should have transfered over to the seal on the car. Where ever you see a dry spot is where your leak is coming from. Try shipping the seal by placing something under it so that it will lift up. Ill be trying this sometime in the future.

I use to do this when installing propellars. YOu could check for a good tight installation.

Happy boostin
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