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Finnally hit boost cut on 3rd!!!

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I took my dawg out for a spin today at about 2am temp was 65F~cool. I had'nt tested on WOT since I got my custom downpipe fixed. It feels real fast and pulls hard I get to 3rd gear at 5500rpm and I hear a bang from the engine and my warning, and check engine light come on. Man I was scared I blew my engine or something at first~ Then realised it was boost cut which made me real happy as I have read that jap spec cars hit boost cut at about 16psi. Now I am waiting to install my BCC and Greddy 60mm boost gauge and add a couple more pounds of boost with HPF boost mod. :D :D

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The exact same thing happend tonite, third and BANG. Its scary every time it happens. I cant wait to get my BCC installed! Damn school keeps me from getting my stuff done!
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