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Fire from the exhaust

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Yesterday I was driving on the highway and a car pulled up to me and the driver told me that there was some flame coming out of my exhaust.
The only mods I have are downpipe+exhaust, BOV, BCC & air filter. I don't know how I can get flames coming out of the exhaust like that .. and I haven't noticed any lack of power in the car itself and it's been running smoothly. Any ideas why ??

Thanks ...
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With a DP you'll shoot a little fire every now and then. With an aftermarket BOV it'll make flames a little more often because the car runs so rich. Now if you want serious flames email me and I'll fill you in:)
Flames are good!!! :bthumb:
Brad, teach me the flames! :D
hey TurboRed, what kind of exhaust do you have? It looks nice.
Thanks for the expaination ...
To control the 'richness' , that means I shall need an AFC type thingy ??

Thanks ..
turbored has hks super dragger.
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