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First Dyno...Feedback greatly appreciated = )

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Well I finally dynoed at Pruven performance in Milford,CT the other day ( and here are my #s
first pull: 353rwhp/364rwtq @14 pounds
second pull: 364rwhp/394rwtq @ 15 pounds

Just curious how those numbers are for that kind of boost...
I didn't pull the hoses because I'm leary about exceeding the psi the stockers can I'm installing a boost controller and removing the bleeder T...then I will dyno again.

Mods are: hks fcd, ttc, vsv, hks intake, topspeed intake pipe, rmm dp, hks drager exhaust...
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Looks kick a$$ to me.

To get over 400, most are around 18-19psi...but that's without a FMIC.

I'm getting on the dyno tomorrow and I'll post the results.


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Looks plenty healthy to me. Try 18 psi on race gas next time, and I bet you'll be a happy camper. :)

Yeah, it was weird, I didn't plan on having the car dynoed but I was like what the I got of the highway, so the motor was REALLY hot...layed down a baseline pull...then it started to rain outside...that inturn cooled the air down and 30 minutes later dynoed again with a slightly cooler motor and the car ran 1 pound of boost more just from the cold...that inturn shot up my horse 10 and my torque 30, man can't wait to see what some tuning, a boost controller and s-afc will do. :)
oh yeah, those runs were on 91 octane...because that was all I could get before I got on the time its gonna be some 110 and some more balls...

nice ryde
Hey Matt,
I think those are good #s especially the torque for 15#s of boost. You should have pulled the hose to get a good idea if you don't have a boost controller. I turn the EZ all the way up(19-20#s) on the dyno and got 413hp/444tq on Sunoco 100 unleaded. I'm BPU+FMIC,AFC,and Cam Gears. The most benefit on the dyno was the cam gears and AFC. The cam gears gave me around 30 to 40lbtq and 15rwhp. The Afc allowed me to hold over 400rwhp to 6700. The FMIC I don't feel does much as far as the dyno goes. Anywhoo.. I think your car with optimum boost with see over 400rwhp. Congrats on the strong car! How is that blow-off treatin' ya?
I also use a bleeder T in the 15 lb position. I got 375/407 on pump gas. my other mods are N1, DP, intake. the TTC might be hurting ya. try it in sequential. BTW mine's AUTO ;-)

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Blow-off, oh yeah...I have a greddy bov in there for now...then I'll just get something else when I get a front mount and hardpipes...good numbers twinturbo...yeah I thought about it, but I'm gonna just turn up the boost with a manual bc...I wanna have the car run the way I will drive it everyday, not just pull all the free mods to get bigger dyno #'s.

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