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First dyno of my car - please comment :)

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Well I took my car to the dyno for the first time today. The only mod on my car was a Tanabe downpipe (eliminates both cats) and I was running stock boost (10-11lbs.). I had the trac
fuse pulled but I forgot to reset the ecu :) The ambient air temp. was 101.5 degrees with typical Florida humidity so as you can tell it was not the optimal conditions. Here is the link to my chart
http://stu de What do you guys think? Is this good? I did my pull in 4th from 2k to 7k. As you can see by the graph I was unable to get my rpm signal so no torque was recorded. Why does it benefit to reset the ecu? Also where do I need to get the rpm pick up for then next time when I dyno.
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The second link got messed up when I coppied/pasted it so here it is. :)
Trump that sounds about right ! I had my car dynoed about a mth ago and it made about 334 RWHP with 312 ft/lbs of TQ at 103* temp. As far as mods go i only have a Super Dragger exhaust and an RMM DP.In few weeks hoping to put an airintake and the manual boost controller aiming for 380 RWHP.
Regards. Yasir:D :D
I believe with just a downpipe your boost actually raises a few you have a boost gauge? With a downpipe you will see higher psi levels then stock -TIM
I installed one after I put in the downpipe but I just ran the vac. hose under the hood through the side window just to see what I was running. I was hitting 11 psi. I thought the mkiv's ran 11 psi? Maybe because it was an autometer :) What is the purpose of resetting the ecu before dynoing? In case you would like to see some pics here are a few
what kind of fuel did you use? race fuel or not? if not, the # seem right and most close to real world HP. those race fuel, ECU reset runs are for Max power, not street power. but its nice to know max power output so you can brag about it.

BTW, with DP and full exhasut, your turbos should automatically raise boost to about 13-14psi. if it still stays 11psi, then I would guess there might be a small leak somewhere. or it could just be the damn hot weather down there.

Well I was using pump gas (93 octane) on the dyno. I hope to have a catback by the end of the week :p. If my boost does not go up I will know something is up. Thanks for the input guys.
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