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First ProEFI car ready in the Middle East

Well where do I start :)

I tune for Project X Motorsports in Abu Dhabi UAE, and we just became dealers for the ProEFI ECUs.

The ProEFI seemed to be gods gift to the performance enthusiast on the paper,
but I was skeptical as I have heard that about some other brands so many times before.

The most popular cars for tuning here in UAE is the Toyota Landcruiser 1FZFE and the Nissan Patrol TB48, so it was natural that the first car in the middle east with ProEFI got to be a Toyota Landcruiser.

The owner was hesitant to change his ECU as the car was running strong since I tuned it 6 months ago with the golden box.... But as he soon will build the engine and put a GT45 on it, I suggested that he would give the proEFI a chance and give me feedback since this car is daily used.

The instructions from Jason were very clear and my electricians wired the ECU in easily, I flashed the supplied basefile, synced the timing and she fired up INSTANTLY idling at steady 800rpm.

The ECU is true V.E based so I dialed in the swept cylinder volume,
the injector size, fuel pressure and at this point the car was very driveable.

In around 30mins I had tuned all the low load part of the map, and started tuning for boost. The VE tuning makes everything so easy to dial in so the boost map was done in 15-20 min and the owner is amazed on the driveability and how "smooth" the car cruises, idles now, exactly like it came from the showroom with 640hp.

The engine is all stock 1FZFE with 2mm HG and our 67mm turbokit, we are seeing 71% DC on the injectors at 19lbs of boost on 91 pumpfuel. Car has 780cc injectors so it makes around 640hp, pretty good for a family SUV :)

The last thing I did for the customer was setting up the combined 2step antilag, You just put how much boost you want on the 2 step and the ECU does the rest, dial 10psi on the 2step and thats what you get.

We also set some other functions up for him like the MIL light working as shiftlight, an octane switch between UAE fuel and Saudi Arabia lower Octane fuel in case he travels and gets bad gas he only needs to flip the octane switch and thats it.

Also, the safety functions of this ECU is just mind dazzling, it does what an OEM Ecu can do in terms of Engine Protection, oh wait!!! Maybe because it IS an OEM Ecu...

This ProEFI did everything promised and more, I would recommend it to ANYONE
on ANY performance application without hesitation.

Next cars we have in line for this ECU are:

Porsche 997TT
Nissan Patrol
Landcruiser V8
FJ Cruiser
91mm equipped street 402" LS1
Our Hillclimb car 1FZ Promod 91mm on Alky
Our Drag R32 Skyline GTR with 2JZ

I just wanted to share my experience with the ProEFI, I have been in this business tuning for a long time, and this ECU is the most powerful unit I have ever worked with and I have done them all Autronic, MoTeC, AEM, MS, SDS, MicroTech, Apexi, Haltech etc

Big props to Jason and the rest of the crew at ProEFI for an amazing product.


SpeedMan Tuning Consulting
Project X Motorsports

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SPEEDMAN what is the Name of your garage and where in UAE is it located?

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Not to thread jack but I wanted to talk to you about your stock parts too. Call me tomorrow.

You'll LOVE the ecu on your cars. Speedman is NOT exaggerating one bit.

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WTF am I doing? I've got to work tomorrow. I'm not my own boss like you Larry! Call me tomorrow. I used the new o2 settings and they seem to work great! Looking forward to getting those ECUs set up for you Keith. You are going to be very happy with them.

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Hey Speedman, where are you from? Seems like you are doing a great job! Jason was telling me that you have not even been to training yet. Gotta love that ECU. Jason has done a wonderful job with it. Looking forward to seeing how all your projects turn out.

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I agree 100% with Speedman. I am in car tuning for a last 10 years and tuned hundreds of the different aftermarket ECUs, but ProEFI is a something very new and special. Definetly much closer to the stock modern ECU than everything else on the market, it`s just like stock but has great software and tons of usefull features.
I tuned 10-15 ProEFIs for now and very happy with it.
But the most important thing about ProEFI is its technical support! Jason is always online and ready to answer any tuning related questions. If you want a new software feature you dont need to wait long, mostly just few days and its done and ready to test! I am happy i am working with Jason, the only thing i am sad about is that i cant drink beer with him at saturday`s evernings :) I am a bit far...

btw, Speedman, you said it is popular to tune 1FZ in your area. I am finishing one supra with 1FZ and 98mm turbo now. Looks like stock cams does not allow engine to rev higher than 7500. I replaced it with custom cams and its fine now, revving to 10k in a second. Have you met such a problem?
Also, do you o-ring engine block for high power and what kind of head gasket are you using?
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