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Went out with supra for the first time at RWYB Santa Pod UK on 12 june.

Just before, the car was mapped and cambered by Thor-Racing UK 10 and 11 june

642 rwhp at 7000 rpm 588 ft/lb at 4500 rpm 23 psi

Spring wastegate was too soft impossible to go beyond 23 psi

First run at 17psi 12.05 s 3/4 1/4 mile
Second run at 17 psi 11,08 s full throttle
Third run at 20 psi 10.97s full throttle spin on the start line
Fourth run 21 psi 10.69 s full throttle no spin 1.64s 60 foot

Brake three hubs on my left rear wheel so I had to stop.Seems that converter was spinning due to a lack of oil on the next run,need to rev 4000rpm to put the car on the trailer

Need to change the wastegate spring to race with 35 psi, change 325 bf goodrich drag radial by 325 mickey thomson, wire the 75 hp nitrous, fixe my rear bumper and install a flat under car, change all my hub on the 4 wheels. Hope with this modifications to run 9s before switching with a bigger turbo.

Want to race HKS series but they put me out because I don't have rollcage and u shaft.Will race RWYB and mount the rollcage this winter

Hy Peter,TX2K9 was definitively the best .I would like to thank you for your awesome organising, you are definitively the man .

Also I notice that you are not to bad at the start line with the GTR

This year I raced a black and yellow corvette (12,67s) and had a lot of fun.

I would like to thank Dusty(MVP), Nero(Titan), Kean(Boost Logic) and Joe(PowerHouse) for the quality of the parts they sold.

Kind regards to Jessica, Anna, rami, Sean, Stephane , Darin, and all guys I meet at TX2K9.



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Wow, those pics of the leave are pretty sweet.

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I raced 10 years ago at Mantorp with a turbonitrous funny bike.

The track was bumpy in the middle and it turn 90° right at the end of the track!

A friend of mine felt down and broke his shoulder, rear wheel didn't touch the ground.

Best track is Alastaro in Finland, but It snowed in june one time.

Over track, I raced also was Gardmoen in Norway not to bad but if you have no brakes you enter in the forest!

the best is santa pod when the weather is ok

I don't know the track in Malmoe

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Everything in that car is perfect exp for the paint job.
The car is not paint even the rear trd wings are not on the car.

All is carbon and polyester and paint blue baltic from 1993.

I'll paint the car in black or electric blue next winter or later .

Only want to race now and have fun(2 years in the garage).

Nice times. What fuel are you using?
57L Q16 were used to map the car

I used 15L on the track

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congrat's fella !

great time and terminal i know for 1 that track runs slower times and lower terminals than most in the uk ! not because it's not a great track because it is (infact thee best track in uk by far) but it is slightly uphill!

Times are terminals would be greater elsewhere !
I hope to be hitting the track real soon, had wastegate problems myself ! well after time diagnosing why the car was over boosting i finally found its the wastegate spring and diaphram ! will be running 23psi and around 580-600whp i hope! so with the 6 speed i'll see what i can do !

big congrates again fella ! :beer:

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congrats my friend but dude u gotta put a new spring and dont be shy just crank it up to 30psi and make us 67mm baltic supra owners prowd :)

and btw do something with that rear bumper bc in the 7th pic it looks like its causing some drag maybe it can shave off some time and maybe help you get a better trap speed as well.. anyway kudos you guys

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10's here at pod in the 6 speed are damn hard but thats the aim ! well gunning for low 11's at least by the end of the year and 130 ish mph terminals ! new wastegate dia and spring are on the way from mvp !

Pretty much all my parts including the stoptecs came from dusty and MVP ! that guy is a legend and top man ! always top dollar and awesome with everything !! have ordered loads ! any chance of a full spec list on your car !#

definatly have to meet up some time when your at pod next ! i'll be going down in about 2-3 weeks time when i get the new bits on :rockon: and then i'll push push push for those 10's :rockon:

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Nice work, high 9s look to be insight. You're not a Polak like me are you? ;)

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HOTSOUP : Yes, I was at TX.., lot of fun.Will begin again next year.

SUPRAPOLAK : Yes, I hope high 9's. The car is an american car owned by a polak

man who took it back with him in Poland.

I live in France my parents were from slovenia.

DEE_RZ : I returned at Santa Pod 4 july but the track wasn't prepared cause VW

GTI race on sunday.Only 2 runs 11,4 and 11,6 spinning half track .I'll return

when they will prepare the track in september and october.

Here are the full spec list of my car:

-Stock pistons, crank, rods,…
-TITAN head stage 3
-HKS 264 camshaft
-FERREA valves
-FERREA springs
-FERREA retainers
-UNORTHODOX RACING lightened pulley set
-TTC PERFORMANCE idler pulley
-PHR timing belt tensioner bracket
-POWER ENTERPRISE serpentine belt
-POWER ENTERPRISE mag power II oil filter
-MEZIERE electric water pump
-BOOST LOGIC crank pulley
-PHR stage 2+ turbo GT67 dbb
-PHR 4 inches down pipe
-PHR 4 inches midpipe
-GREDDY oil catch tank
-PHR racing alternator
-PHR polished upper radiator pipe
-BLITZ color boost controller
-BLITZ power meter
-BLITZ turbo timer
-OPTIMA blue battery
-AUTOBHAN battery bracket
-RACE LOGIC traction control
-VW intake manifold
-PHR -12AN fuel rail
-PHR 1000cc injectors
-WELDON fuel pump
-WELDON fuel regulator
-WELDON filters
-MAXPOWER fuel tank
-GREDDY 4 row intercooler
-FLUIDYNE radiator
-GREDDY oil cooler kit
-2 x B&M transmission cooler
-HKS exhaust manifold
-HKS GT 60mm wastegate
-HKS 4 inches titanium exhaust
-HKS super sequential blow off valve
-TIAL blow off valve
-BOOST LOGIC blanket
-AAP dual fan
-NITROUS EXPRESS carbon bottle
-NOS timer
-BOOST LOGIC TH400 with transbrake
-TRD diff
-PHR adjustable rear control arms
-PHR toe link set
-PHR traction link set
-TRD wide body
-TOP SECRET carbon hood
-DO-LUCK front bumper
-TOP SECRET GT2 carbon wing
-TOP SECRET aerocatch hood pins locking
-SEIBON carbon doors
-SEIBON carbon hatch
-HKS hypermax II coilovers drag specialized
-APEXY gauges
-FJO wideband
-WELDRACING front wheel 18X3,5
-WELDRACING rear wheel 15X10
-BFGOODRIDGE 325/50/15

This winter I'll change the roof with a carbon one
Mickey thomson slicks instead of bf drag radial
8's roll cage and chute
30 psi waste gate spring

See you perhaps at hks series in october!
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