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Here is my dilemma.

After reading the threads about MKIV prices I’m not sure which way I want to go, fix my stock 94 NA or sell it to finance another car. What I’m looking for from the people who’ve done it, how much does it cost to bring a worn out daily driver back to almost new condition. I’m not considering any mods yet, I just want it to look as good as when I picked it up in 1993. I’m only driving about 5.5K/year now but the total mileage is 97.5K so it does a lot of sitting at the airport.

Here is the condition:
Tan leather interior: Dry, worn, cracked, ripped.
Carpet: some spots, might be salvageable.
Anthracite Coal paint: clear coat peeled, sun damaged.
Body: very few dings, no accident damage.
Mechanical: regular maintenance with no upgrades

At the very least I’ll need new paint & interior plus the various seals and gaskets for the sport roof, what other problems will I be looking at with a high mileage car?

If we (my wife gets a vote too) decide to sell it, how can I determine a fair asking price? The Blue book looks very low and I’m sure the local dealer would be glad to pay wholesale, what other sources are available?


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sell it to me if your going to trade it in lol, u will get more privatly selling it.

i understand where you are coming from, I own a single turbo supra and the motor gave out and iv been pondering what to do with it. its in the good hands of CHRIS JOHNSON from performance motorsports/boostlogic.
but as always higher milage older supras will have there share of problems. You have to deside if you want it bad enough to be putting some money into it to keep it alive and kicking.

We all know that the supra gets alot of attention. Dam even trailering my car to austin tx i had 2 people in cars pull up next to the truck and give me thumbs up saying "THATS A BAD ASS CAR" and the thing wasnt even running !!! lol

But if you have hit that point in life where toys arnt the thing that comes first. and money is hurting you need to do whats right for you and your family.

--- chris

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Im a car nut so the way I always justify keeping a car and mod'n the hell out of it is that, 1) I already own or almost own the car im currently driving. If I were to sell it I would most likely have another large monthly payment with a most likely a stock car that I would want to mod anyway.
There is something to be said for buying a nice stock car or one that is finished being modified by someone else.
I would just rather do it myself the way I see fit.
So sell a 10k car and buy a 30k car and have a payment or take the money you would spend on a payment, get a credit line or loan and mod the hell out of it. I always keep this thought in the back of my head. Cars are almost never an investment (save the mkiv or muscle cars)
So if I dump 10k into a ten year old car you most likely wont see the money back.
But thats just my .02

That said, I think if you dumped 10k into your current ride you would be very happy if you dont mind the down time of the modifications.
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