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Code 14: Ignition Signal
Code 34: Turbocharger overpressure

Code 14, either your ignitor is failing, you got a bad wire from one of your coil packs or you got an ecu problem. (if you are getting Code 14, your enging I'd imagine would feel like it's missing, or dying outright).

Code 34 is your boost/fuel cut.

Your FPR should have nothing to do with either of those codes. Code 34 is boost/fuel cut, however it throws that code if it sees too much air pass thru the AFM, than the fuel system knows is safe to deliver. It doesn't imply your pump or relay is bad in the fuel system. Check all hoses past the AFM to make sure there OK and there is no dry rot cracking. If any air gets into the intake past the AFM, hokey things start to happen.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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