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1995 JDM Supra RZ Manual
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Hey folks glad to finally be part of the Supra community with my 1995 MKIV RHD RZ manual! Since I just got my plates after my 3rd visit to the DMV I figured I'd share my experience for others. There's plenty of info online about getting an imported vehicle into the US but little regarding once you attempt to register in your state. This info is current as of this posting and this reflects my experience so YMMV.

Step 1: Prepare all of your documentation from the import service/customs broker. Again plenty of articles out there about this step but one specific FL tip: The translation must be both "certified", notarized and must include language that goes something like "Translation is certified as true and accurate. Translator attests that they have knowledge of the two languages, regularly translates as a normal course of business and their translation is accurate. Translator has no previous our current interest in the motor vehicle." You can work with your import service to do this but I used an online service that provides notarization to avoid any issues.

Step 2: Schedule your VIN inspection with the specific DMV person for your region. Yes, I said specific person: not a notary, officer or other DMV employee. A special affidavit is required to be filled and signed by the person who does this at the Motorist Services Regional Office. Look up your DMV region at this site and call the specific phone number to setup an appointment: Locations - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
This is usually the same person that handles rebuilds, kit cars, etc. This person reviewed my paperwork I sent via email and setup an inspection 3 days later. After you get an appointment you can then schedule your title appt. ideally right after.

Step 3: Illegally drive or tow your car to the DMV to be physically inspected. I attempted many times to get a temp tag to no avail. There are only giving these out in person so if your dead-set to receive one you'll have to schedule an earlier appointment and hope they give you one. Otherwise, this is a regular VIN inspection. They did not check my car for lights, emissions, etc.

Step 4: Head to your title appt., pay sales tax and fees and receive your plates! They did ask for a bill of sale from the import service so make sure to bring that along with your usual stack of forms. While not required, doing your title at the same office that handles VIN inspection is preferred since they have more experience with import cars coming through.

TL;DR: FL has special requirements for translation of titles and requires a specific inspection at the regional DMV office.

Hope this helps anyone out there!
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