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I would like a set of Flex coilsover (Tein DST38-61SS1) for serious street drive and mild race track on MKIII, are they bolt on or do i need to make adjustments before i put em on? Would u recommand a set of techniques sway bars or would it be good just with the new coils?

Is the EDFC (Tein EDK01-12120) easy to install? How does it work? I mean do i only have to preset it and when i want to change my suspension stiffness or my car lower i have to stop the car push a boutton let 10 seconds then go?
Can i Change it while running?
Can i get high enough so i can pass over 'trafics stopper', i mean without ripping my front bumper and pipes, and once i pass put suspension back on lower stance?

Thanks you and have a nice day :)
By the way, u have pretty good prices :bigthumb:

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You do not need to make any adjustments before you put them on. Its a rather simply install. A bit time-consuming (3 hours or so) but rather simple.

I would definitely recommend sway bars, they significantly reduce body roll in a way that coilovers do not.

The EDFC is a set-and-forget device. Yes you can change it while running. An EDFC changes only how hard or soft your ride is, it does not raise or lower your car.

Thank you Ginger, take care!

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