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FMIC?? Pros and Cons

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I am considering a FMIC but I have recently heard from members that there are negative effects that come with it. I would appreciate any and all info about FMICs. What is the best, cheapest kit for BPU? If I have a Veilside hood will I still need to get a better radiator? Will the FMIC affect boost levels and or lag? How will it affect my auto tranny? Thanks for your help in advance guys.:)
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Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator

im going to get the Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator because i have been told its about twice as thick as the stock radiator to add the quality of this unit looks second to none!
i think that the thickness of the unit will help in coolling the motor a little better than the stock unit and this might help in performance!

only bad thing is if you have an aftermarket radiator cap like i do (trd)i have read you wont be able to use it!but the Fluidyne unit does come with a radiator cap that is said to work well!
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