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Focal 165V or A/D/S 236IS

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Guys, which one of these 6.5 components would you go with? They are in the same price range. Thanks.
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both are good speakers, but if i were you i would get the focal 165K's. They of coarse are more money, but not much more. I have the focal 165w's. They sound sweet.
94BPUTT, did you have any problems with the mounting depth?
If you are going to compare high end Focals look at the A/D/S 641px 3 ways, they are more comparable with the 165k's.
turbomkiv, will you be mounting these in their stock locations? What kind of music do you listen to? Why have you chosen these two speakers?
Fear by God, the reasons why I've chosen those two speakers because I have heard really good things about Focal speakers. I had great experiences with ADS. But by budget limit me to components <$300. I like progressive music like Depeche Mode, New Order... Are there better choices out there for the $$.

Okie dokie. I personally would recommend that you look in to the Image Dynamics CXS6 6.5" speakers. Various places online sell them for ~$300. The focals you listed are not so good. The a/d/s you listed, are somewhat decent. For the money, again.. I feel your best bet is the Image Dynamics Chameleon 6.5"
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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