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Ok, ok, maybe 500rwhp!!!
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Here's another idea I'm thinking of running with...a set of focal 3 ways...I don't know the model distinctions so plz bear with the general idea.

I'd like to mount the 6.5" midbass in the door and then build a fiberglass kickpanel pod to house the 4" midrange and tweeter. Instead of tucked up under the dash/corner like most installs...I was toying with the idea (since the 4" midrange is much smaller [easier to work with?]) of making a small pod that sits on the kick panel. In just about the same spot as where my tweeter is mounted in this picture:

The mid would sit where the tweet is and I would have the tweeter mounted...say at "2 o'clock" when next to the mid.

Comments? Anyone think it'll sound like crap and that I should mount them as far away as possible up in corner of the footwell?

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