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I know Thomas has these running in his car, but if someone else has them in there supra please reply. Well, i plan on running them in kick pannels, but i wont be able to build them till summer, i was wondering how i would be able to fit them in the door temporarily. Will i need to make a baffle. Is it a pretty simple install? Any tips you could give me will be appreciated. They are the Focal utopia 165w's

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I can build you a panel for your Supra that will allow the mounting of the 165W's in the door panel of the Supra. You will have to front load the speakers and remove the factory grills to fit them into the door. They are too deep to fit under the factory grill. I can sell you a set of panels, already made, that will mount on the factory speaker enclosure holes and house a Focal 165W. You will however, have to cut a bit of metal to load the speakers in from the front. It is not much and could be done with a hand saw rather easily. The panels for your Supra are about $150 plus the shipping.

Any more questions about this, call me or email me.

Tom Kenyon
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San Antonio, Texas
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