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Top 3... which is best?

What am I debating on getting?

MB Quart Premium series 3 way setup.

Focal Kevlarplast 3 way setup.

DynAudio 3 way setup.

I heard the 2 way dynaudios with 7 inch woofer.... GAWD! they sounded NICE!, for 800$ pair I'd hope so. Blew the 450$ Bostons next to them away.

Thing is, if is for real......

I can get the Focal setup for 600$
The MB Quart setup for 450$
But I they dont have Dynaudios, so i'd have to buy the setup from Earmark for like.. 1,100$!!!!!

For that price I could get 2 Focal setups.

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don't you mean focal polykevlar 165k2's (or k's or k3's). all these brands are great quality but i think focal beats the other two out. focal has the rep of building the highest quality speakers. so i choose focals.

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What about Diamond Audio Hex's, or do these not compare?
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