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Still For Sale, APEX SAFC II SOLD!

I bought these parts used off phasTsupra
I was going to install them on my NA,but I ended up getting a Turbo MKIV,with all the electronics I need.
So here they are for sale,i never even installed them on my car.
Quote: The VPC has a 550 MK3 chip installed. The Ecu wire extension harness in the picture is for the eclipse ecu and came originally with with the vpc. I did not purchase the toyota extension harness and soldered the wires into my ecu. The SAFC2 is limited black edition and has been already integrated into the vpc harness so you can just splice into your ecu harness and your ready to go. I also fabricated a nice metal plate to go on the backside of the SAFC2 so you can tie it in right below your radio into the plastic knock outs. This includes a Denso Map Sensor aswell as the temp. sensor
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