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I am new to the forum. I have a 1986.5 Supra with a JDM 88 motor. The back story is it belonged to a buddy who built this car while serving in the army. He had to move out of state and it had no where to go. It has been in my garage for a little over a year now. My intentions were originally to get it running and send it to him. Things change. The car will idle perfectly with no check engine light. Once the gas is applied the car dies. I believe it’s a vacuum issue. Not positive. It was sitting for about 5 years. Here is a list of items that the car has:

JDM engine 7M-GTE
ENKEI zeus 18” rims
Kona struts
Cusco springs/ strut tower braces
HKS PFC-FCON fuel computer ( tuned for 17-20psi/ 550cc injectors)
HKS fuel cut/ speed cut defense
HKS air filter
1UZ-FE MAF sensor assembly
Trust/greddy front mount intercooler and plumbing
HKS grommet head gasket
HKS 90mm exhaust( turbo back)
Sparco harnesses/ wheel/ pedals
Battery relocate/ cut off switch
Walboro high flow fuel pump
Fidanza flywheel
ACT 6 puck clutch
RC engineering 550cc injectors
Probably more. I’m getting a more detailed list by the day

The car does idle but doesn’t run. Figured someone with know how to work on these cars could get it running easily. Clear coat is pealing. Few dents on the drivers fender. Clutch will need to be replaced. A little TLC would make this car run great.
Asking price is 7k OBO

you can text me at 3039954703 if interested. My name is Evin. Thank you for looking


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