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Hey fellas,

Before i really start parting this car out, i figured i would see if anyone wants it as a whole. im willing to accept trades, or just straight up cash monies. trades need to be something close in value. preferably something with little mods or tasteful mods. i dont want another race car.
cars i have in mind, but feel free to offer others-
supra, no NA. maybe cash on my end depending on the car
Is300 maybe.
a few others. just make offers. car is in boise idaho. id rather not have to ship it across the US, but if you pay for it, then so be it.

Copied from previous add-

Well, its time to move on. this is my 9th 240, and im to the point that i am too big for them. (6'3") my head hits the roof from time to time, and i have to lean with my helmet on!

The car has SOOOO much stuff done that i will prolly forget alot of it. the car runs great. i havent dyno'd it yet, but the tuner says that with this turbo, and with what he felt on the street it is easily around 500WHP, on PUMP gas! the car is STUPID fast! its a blast to drive, and barely has traction in 3rd gear!
all the pics below are older pics, i will get some new pics of the whole setup soon!

car has power steering, power locks, sun roof, VLSD, 5 lug, (its an SE)

the car itself only has 61k origional miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UDSM motor, from a 97 Supra TT.

550cc injectors (have a set of 1000cc and rail at home as well, just not installed, but will come with the car)
JE 87mm pistons
Eagle rods
Decked head
5 angle valve job
new valve seals
OEM headgasket
ARP head studs
new OEM oil pump
new OEM water pump
new OEM timing belt
new powersteering pump
lightened polished tech 2 pullies
polished intake manifold,
polished valve covers
just chagned the oil 10 miles ago
new tial Q series BOV
walbro fuel pump
ran new fuel lines under the car -6an with -6an earls fuel filter
tech 2 swap kit
phoenix tuning wiring
tech 2 throttle cable adapter
tech 2 ACT clutch
tech 2 cluth line
tach adapter
speedo adapter with pickups
r154 trans with 53k miles.. (came out of my supra that has 53k miles!)
new seals in tranny (dont try to put shifter together without new seals! lol)
redline high performance trans fluid
4" precision intercooler (750hp core)
3" custom intercooler piping
any and all un needed sensors have been removed. (traction controll, sensors for twins, etc.)

car has a full bomex body kit (front has a few rubage spots from being too low)

Boost logic 71mm kit, T4 71mm precision turbo
hks 60mm wastegate
hks manifold
new oil feed and return lines (stainless braided lines)
4" turbo back exhuast with 4" magnaflow muffler

AEM EMS with MAP and AIT conversion


Tein Flex coilovers with EDFC
cucso sway
cusco ruca
cusco strut bars
cusco tension rods
300zx wheels with Kuhmo Victor racer 700's. 225 in front 245 in rear. (will need replaced soon)

Eclipse deck
eclipse titanium 12" sub
eclipse amps
eclipse high end.
(system is stupid loud!)

Momo Steering wheel. (aftermarket... obviously no air bag)

things left to finish-
aparently my harness i sent to tweak didnt have the wiper connectors on them. sean from tech 2 sent me the plugs cause he is freaking pimp! i just havent wired them in yet.
hook up speedo adapter onto driveline. all the wiring is done, just need to put pickups on driveline.
car could use a nice buff. (its 11 years old)
Dash is mising the vin. the old dash had a crack in it. the previous owner swapped for a new dash, but did not put the vin on the new dash. vin is still on door, and firewall

there is alot of **** i am forgetting guys, but im just burnt out on the car. i want to sell it and invest money other places, i think i am growing out of going fast. the evo is fast enough for me now!

here are some pics. the wheels that are in the pics are gone. it has black 300zx wheels on it now, as mentioned above. swap/

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