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We have started getting a lot of FS items in the regional fourms. Due to this, I believe it is necessary to post a copy of the for sale rules in this forum. I have edited these where appropriate for the regional section (Steve Jarvis 02-21-2012). All changes are in red.

For Sale Rules
Regional Forums
By Ranger498


Selling items on the forums is a privilege for contributing members of the Supraforums!


1.members STOP posting in peoples threads the remarks like "free bump,good guy or good item ” if you are NOT going to purchase the items listed or any remarks like(you can get it cheaper at so and so place)is NOT allowed ,if you want to make a remark about how good of a seller he or she is we have an area for that (called buyers/sellers rating)and again do not post a question or remark if you do not intend to buy the item or email the person and if its something negative about the item again use the buyers/sellers rating area or let a mod or Smod know and if you do post something unrelated to the item be ready for a TEMP ban and it will progress from there till you are banned for good! HONESTLY that’s why we have the buyer’s and seller’s rating area for. Also, please use some TACT, don’t post your item that is for sale in someone else’s thread its just plain rude.

2. Sellers do not post items you’re thinking about selling but or not sure at the moment, no need to post something if you might not sell it. When you’re ready post it for sale with a price (no price no post).
also do not post your PayPal info publicly !do this via PM or email only .WHY? we dont want to see complaints from 2 or 3 members who sent you payment for the same item .

3.-You need 150 MEANINGFUL posts. to sell any item on the forums. you could be a member for 5 years but your post count is under 150 you will not be able to post.

If you do not have approval to post for sale ads, you may not solicit sales via PM either. We have these rules to protect our members from fraud/Scams.
-If you have more than one part to sell please edit your original thread and as a Mod or Smod to edit your thread to reflect the new items added
-if you have non car parts FS you are only allowed to sell a max of 4 items of the same type item(examples: clothing, electronic items, software.ect..... ) with in a 4month time.
NOTE:if we see you are not contributing to the forums other than only in the for sale area, You will be asked by any Mod or Smod not to sell any of your items untill you have an approval from Ranger498 or an Admin.

*-YOU are NOT allowed to sell any type of fire arms with out permission from an Administrator (thats it plain and simple no mod or Smod can approve this)-*

The ONLY exception to the post count rules is if:
A) A mod or Smod or ADMIN can vouch for you (you must first contact them via pm and they will post in your thread within 24 hours if they don’t the thread will be deleted and make sure to inform the mod or Smod or ADMIN that approved you of where the thread is so the mod or Smod or ADMIN can post there authorization )
also make sure you put in the topic heading by whom you where approved ,if you leave this out the thread will be taken down!

B)TWO(2) long time(here 3 years or longer) members with a good back ground and with a post count of over 650 can vouch for your character and that they can send the Mod/Smod/Admin a pm vouching for you.
You must then wait for approval if with in 2 days you do not get a response contact the mod , Smod or ADMIN to see if you where approved or denied.when you are approved post in the topic heading by whom(what Mod/Smod/Admin approved the sale) and make sure the mod , Smod or ADMIN whom approved you post there authorization with in 24 hours or the thread will be deleted!

*AGAIN NOTE: even if members can vouch for you or if you have been here over a year and a half it does not mean you will be allowed to still post your item for sale, its up too the discretion of an Smod or ADMIN to allow you to post your item for sale. So please send a pm first and ask us and wait for our response. If you are having someone vouch for you again please have them send a PM to the mod,Smod or ADMIN before you do. This will speed up the process of consideration. Please contact Ranger498 first for a request. If and when you are approved to post, PM a link to both the person vouching for you and the Mod/Smod/Admin that approved you so they may both post in your thread.

(Please understand if you do post something and you break these rules your post can be deleted with out notification. You may also be temp banned or receive a permanent ban.)

**If you do not meet the required post count, please go contribute something to our forums : And by meaningful WE mean that you are posting something or replied or replying something worth while not just a remark like" I agree or me too ect..."

4.if you have more than one item to SELL or WANTED ,keep them in one post, if you decide you have something else to sell or that is wanted 2 days later or a few days later TELL US to delete or merge the threads or you yourself delete the thread and start a new one, if not your posts will be deleted .

5.If you sell the item, end the thread as SOLD so we can lock it, if not you will not be allowed to post if the For Sale area any longer.

6.Advertising for any type of business or selling items while representing a business or having a business in any forum is strictly prohibited (speak to the admins or a Smod first). also Do not try to “advertise some cool new product for a friend of yours that you are not in any way related to”…we’ve seen it all tried before. Advertising, unless you are pre-approved, will result in your IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT BANNING.

7.If it is not your part For Sale, do not post it unless you ask a mod or S-mod first.
So no "I'm selling this for a friend of mine since he cant post" BS

8.Group Buys are prohibited by both individuals and businesses unless pre-approved. Do not try to “get a group buy going through a shop you know just so you can save all your best friends on SupraForums a buck or two”…we’ve seen all this tried before too. Any attempted group buys will be deleted and will result in your IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT BANNING.

9.NO links to eBay or Mention of ebay.
If you want to post it for sale here do so but make sure there are NO links to eBay or Mention of ebay.
-craigslist post are only allowed in your Regional Forum area if it has a fs area.

10.AGAIN Post an asking price of the item NO "make me an offer" remarks

11.You can bump your thread every 3(three) days but no more that 15 times total. Bumping the thread more than that will have you either temp banned for a few days and/or your post deleted. NOTE: Remarks such as ,all prices reduced,all prices updated, pm sent ,new pics up ,new items added ,emailed you back, ect. Count as bumps...(be fair and give others a chance to sell there items.)
replys to post can be made via PM to the member if needed so responding to post count as bumps as well.
Temp banning will be enforced on this with out warning.

12.For sale items go in for sale area (or regional area if it's for a local purchase only). The WANTED and willing to trade items go in the wanted area so make sure you post in the correct place. Posting in the wrong forum will result in a temp ban.

Here is the MKIV wanted area link just incase you can’t find it. DO NOT POST ITEMS FOR SALE THERE OR YOU WILL BE TEMP BANNED.

13.If you have a bad Buyer / Seller Ratings you will NOT be allowed to post in the For Sale area or regional forum till the problem is resolved by both parties.

14.Your profile MUST be complete as far as location/zip, contact info, etc to post an item for sale

15.Do not try to go around these rules by posting items in other forums with out first speaking to a moderator who will get an approval from a Smod or better yet an ADMIN. These rules apply to the regional forums as well.

16.We suggest you don’t leave remarks like "I have dibs on an item" or "Dibs"
This has caused some sellers and buyers to have problems with people , if you do decide to post that remark you are making an agreement to buy the item. No questions asked .if you back out you can be left a negative feed back.

17.If you need or want to have pics of your items here is a link click here that will help you host and put up pics of your items for sale .

18. Be careful when buying or selling from other members who solicit you via PM. Especially if they do not meet the requirements to post for sale ads.

19. Any sales that violate specific manufacturer policies. Including (but not limited to):

a. Prohibition of the sale of new, new in box or unused AEM products of any kind. The burden of proof is on the seller. If there is any doubt we will err on the side of caution and cancel your sale.
(This policy is in place at the request of AEM Electronics. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this policy, please contact the AEM Legal Department. Do not contact SupraForums management as we will refer you to AEM. Posting for sale in violation of this rule can lead to the banning of your privilege to sell parts, temporary ban from the Forums, and/or permanent ban from the Forums. )

20. ALL INFO listed must be posted :
-What is your First & Last name?:
-Please enter your real name here.
-What is your email?:
-Please enter your real email here.
-What is your phone number? ::not (optional)
-Please enter your Phone number here.
-What is your City? :
-What is your State? :
-What is your Zipcode? :
-Classified Ad description.

This will be enforced starting 3/29/08

if you CAN NOT give this info you can sell your item in YOUR Regional Forums area only.

These rules and the situations they apply to are open to interpretation by the Senior moderator and Administrator team. These rules apply to every member of this forum. Supraforums has been established first and foremost for people to discuss about their Supras. Anything that disturbs this will not be tolerated. Please use your common sense when posting. If you think something you post may violate these rules set, then refrain from making the post if you wish to continue to post here.

***Bolding rule 20 since most still cannot see it!***
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