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Thats right my car is up for sale. For those of you that know me know that this has been an ongoing project for the last 8-9 years, there is allot of blood sweat and tears to build what I believe is the perfect all around mk3. It has plenty of power (605 whp and 550 TQ) on PUMP GAS, it handles and stops great with upgraded suspension including arms, braces, bushings and big brake kit. It looks awsome with custom one of a kind body work and paint. The interior is a full Recaro Turbo R spec with recovered seats, grey interior and an assortment of guages to monitor the vitals.

Like I said before, this car needs NOTHING !!! Everything has been restored, replaced, repaired and upgraded. Some of the recent work includes, new tires, brakes and rebuilt transmission and twin plate OSG clutch with in the last year, actually the tires only have a few hundred KM's on them. The car was a daily driver until about 5 years ago when it has only seen summer driving since. This car is 100% reliable as I wouldnt hesitate t drive it across the country tomorrow (weather permitting :) ), I have driven it to Las Vegas twice for SILV without issues. The A/C works great, and the power steering and ABS hasnt been stripped out like most people do when building a car.

The custom body work was done by myself when I was a Autobody tech years ago. The side moldings have been shaved and smoothed, filled with steel welded in, no bondo filler hack job here. Any minor rust and dent were taken care of at the time. The Silverstone Metallic paint is in great shape, as the front nose, bumper, fenders and hood were repainted two years ago due to some rock chips.

Now to the engine, the 1jz swap was professionally done by myself ( BIC Performance) and runs like a top. The engine is stock and un-opened with the only mod being US Spec 2jz cams machined to fit, which really woke up the upper RPMs. The custom one off turbo kit uses an amazingly quick spooling Borg Warner 88-75 (63MM) twin scroll turbo and makes full boost 27 psi at under 4200 rpms. An AEM water Meth kit allow the high boost on 94 oct pump gas. At my normal daily driving boost setting of 19-20 psi, it makes over 500 WHP and easilly spins the 275 tires in second gear from a roll. This turbo flows like T67 (700+ HP) and spools like a T61, I feel it is the ultimate 550 + HP capable turbo on the 1jz as we have tried many different turbo's on these engines. The Haltech Sport 2000 EMS has been professionally installed and tuned by Bill Bowring from The Independant Speed Shop with a full new custom made engine harness with wire tuck. It runs better than a stock car as allot of time was put into the full load cell tune with much attention to the drivability aspect of the tune.

Here is the mod list:


• 2.5L 1JZGTE Engine swap.
• Custom USDM 2JZGTE Cam shafts .
• BIC Performance Borg Warner 63mm Turbo kit.
• Tial 44mm Wastegate.
• BIC Performance 3.5” Downpipe.
• BIC Performance 3.5” Thunder exhaust System.
• 750cc Fuel Injectors.
• BIC Custom Fuel Rail.
• Denso MK4 Fuel pump with inline Bosch 044 booster pump .
• Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EMS, with full custom harness
• Custom 1ZZ / 2ZZ Ignition Coil Conversion.
• AEM Water/ Methanol Injection.
• Koyo Racing Radiator.
• Custom Turbonetics Intercooler.
• 2.5” SS Intercooler piping.
• Tial Blow Off Valve.
• OS Giken Twin Plate Racing Clutch. Rebuilt 2000 KMs ago, the Transmisison has also been rebuilt and beefed up with Marlin Crawler parts.


• Nightpager Big Brake kit.
• NEW Hawk HPS Brake Pads.
• ATE Dot 4 Brake Fluid.
• Earls Braided Brake Lines.
• JDM Turbo-R Springs with Bilstien Struts.
• Suspension Techniques Anti Sway-Bars.
• BIC Adjustable End-links
• Poly Rack and Suspension Bushings
• BIC Poly Subframe Bushings.
• BIC 1.25” DOM Control Arms, trailing and #1 arms.


• Body side moldings removed and shaved.
• Shaved Antenna, Maker Lights, Headlight Squirters.
• 92 Supra Bumpers, Wing, Mirrors, Tail Lights.
• Trial Front Bumper Lower Lip.
• Turbo-A front Bumper Duct.
• Tinted Signal and Brake Lights.
• Bi-Xenon HID Headlights.
• Color: Silverstone Mettalic.
• JDM Recaro Seats and Interior.
• Gauges: Boost, Wideband 02, EGT, Water Temp, Oil pressure.
- SSR D5R wheels, 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 with Toyo T1R tires.

Performance Stats:

Horse Power: 605 HP, 550 TQ @ 27 PSI Boost with, 94 Pump gas with 50/50 water / meth mix.

Best 1/4 mile 12.01 at 119 MPH, badly spinning the drag radials.

Asking $18 500 OBO It would cost well over $40 000 to build this again. This is your chance to buy a finished car for less than half of what it would cost to build. I do not need to sell the car, so if I dont get a fair price I will keep it and enjoy it for years to come. So no low ballers as you will be ignored.


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The MPH does not match your trap speed. I just thought I would put that out there as others will ask the same. Just a heads up. (spinning the tires or not shifting quick enough won't result in that low mph either)

Edit: Maybe add a comp test/leak down for the potentials? The potential buyer would ask for it anyway.


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Thanks Duane, I know I need the good driver mod.... I wasnt running at full boost that run. :ugh2:

Compression is great, just did a test a few weeks ago, will have to find my paper, but leak down was perfect 10-15% accross the board.
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