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i wasn't sure where to put this so i put it in another forum but now im just going to make it for the florida people so leave this be.

Hey whats up? im here as a supra enthusiast to spread love to

everyone's supra. If you have myspace, add my supra's myspace (this

is also a
myspace for ALL Supras too) im creating a myspace for everyone to

put there car in like a showcase.

This myspace is for all supras to be presented on it & get there &

show off what you got. if u want i'll feature your supra on it too.

Just do the following in the bottom.
3.Model (MK1-MK4)(N/A Or Turbo Or NA-T)
4.Targa Or Hardtop
5.All The pictures you want (be detailed if possible)
6.Myspace Link
7.All Modifications done (pictures welcomed)*Optional*
8.Anything else you want to say or do is welcomed.

If anything leave a msg here or on my myspace at
1 - 3 of 3 Posts