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DOnt beat me up on this. Just wondering so let me know what you think.

Anybody roadrace or autoXed with an AUTO???? Just curious because I have one and didnt know if it is worthless to try and have a fun weekend out there or not. ( I am asking on a standpoint of just going out and having fun one day, not on a "I'm going to roadrace it all of the time". I figure on big tracks your going to be going from 2nd-3rd, and some 4th? Would like to get out there aot but dont have the funds to just go get a 6spd too.

Also asking because I want to try out some road-racing and autocrossing and see if I just go crazy for it. I think I will. Then I will decide what to do with my auto, in trying to get a 6spd so I can run it all the time.

Is it bad on the auto tranny????

Thanks guys

My setup
Teins S-techs
Front and Rear Strut towers
Upgraded Sways

WOuld I still have fun?

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autocross is fine, just hold it in 2 -- you don't really ever need to downshift back into 1 on most courses so its fine. Road course can be done, but I've found it more aggravating than fun. You have to be very careful about where you let it shift as automatics will sometimes shift roughly mid-turn. They also won't always downshift into the gear you would prefer, and when they do downshift, it's very harsh/rough.

If you're just going on a track to drive at 9/10ths though, leave OD off and just have fun cruising
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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