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fresh kills..

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no vid. so flame on folks. but any way i havent drove the supdawg in a while so i brought it out yesterday to look for trouble. i ran into a new porshe w no wing but had a full kit stock. i made short work of him but he had the jump every time.must be my ttc lag. next was a new cobra ,we toyed around from 55-145mph over and over had a kenny bell tag on the car but i pulled on him slightly the higher speed we went and then he took a exit after the 4th i didnt talk with him either just a thumbs up and a smile good bye.and last was some old grey haired man in a 97 green mk4, i teasded him for a good 3 miles before he would play.i really didnt expect him to even acknoledge me since i was lookin for trouble but that old man out of no where just stomped it[auto] and pulled away from me like it was nothing.. so i chased him and then we went at it once only and shit that old man must be modded to hell. we went neck and neck til he backed off around 130 ish just under 140 mph mark. all i can see is a fmic and exhaust.real clean stock lookin car.i was running race fuel at 19 psi.what could he have done to stay neck and neck with me? 97 stock looking auto w/ old man = how fast? look at my sig for my mods. good race all in all.i almost got smoked by and really old man in a supra,lol. just goes to show never ever ever underestamate anyone..people wouldve laughed at me for ever if i lost that one.but then again no video for just happy i was able to bring the ride out for some its back away til another nice day comes.arrgh,i miss the nice weather....
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hahaha, sounded fun.... that old man was hilarious
oh yes , im gonna miss my car all winter long. so i guess i was a lil too wild when i did take it out. i looked for anyone too mess with.after thinking about it i saw this green supra at the local book store once. and i had a wrx at the time. car loked stock but i guess not.from the look of how hard it pulle at times i think maybe it was a single,cause when it shifted[auto] i couldnt hear anything but a loud whistle from the turbo spoolin.mine is silent unless im in seq. in ttc i hear no spoolin seq i hear my bov more and a lil whistle when #1 is on full. this guys whistled the hole time. un fortunately he was so close to me i hear it the whole run.his hood was at my pass. door,my window was craked just a lil. slick old man with a bad as clean car.
hehe, thats cool though, next time you are out having fun, bring along a friend so you can make a couple of nice kill vids.
good kill! btw very pretty supdawg :) I have always been fond of anything that is a redish color
Gotta watch out for the senior citizens. They're killers!
Nice kill, and never mess with a nursing home pimp!
Were all going to be old one day. Hopefuly I'm still boosting;)
nice kills...

ps i think your sig is destroying the thread structure
Nice kills, you've got a PM
Nice kills....

Is that factory red paint on your Supra? Looks great, got more pics? :)
yes stock paint 3l2 slightly darker shade with all black plastics painted to match....
Damn BJ i miss driving my car, w/ the new born i cant just get out when ever. i can only imagine when i get to drive her again:D

hey BJ my car looks exterior stock, what if i routed my wastegate and ran alot of meth and 28 psi, :)

suprahtt said:
Damn BJ i miss driving my car, w/ the new born i cant just get out when ever. i can only imagine when i get to drive her again:D

patience man, it will be well worth it when u get a chance. and btw congrats man.

brett go for it. i love sleeper supras.its like a sneek attack,.:D
Hahaha, why would be laugh at you? It's not liek somehow the old man makes the car slower. All he had to do was press the gas..
i held off an evo from 60-110 in the mkii today, anything can happen on the street.
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