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Front Main Seal Gone On New Motor...

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Man, this motor has just 5,000 miles on her and my garage is full of oil. This is ming boggling because my old motor had 118,000 miles on it and never had this problem, but my new shortblock has me on the operating table for now... Sound Performance's Seal is out of stock so I've ordered a new Toyota seal. Bad move? Maybe.
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Happened to me too :( Double spring it, you can search on how to do that. Seal it with Indian head sealer, modify your oil pump if you can and return hole, and you should be good to go. I didn't do these things and am paranoid of high boost some :-\
My stock engine had no probs with 30-32psi of boost. My new engine has only seen 18-19psi...but no probs what so ever. We did the oil pump mod with a factory FMS. I hope things go well with 32psi this time.
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