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I recently got a TT 6 speed and have made a start on replacing the stock speakers.

I've done the easy part, replaced the rear speakers with Infinity 6510s component speakers, thats helped a lot.

However the front speakers are not up to the job of filling in the sound and bringing the sound stage forward.

I'm reluctant to hack the door panels or fiddle around with adaptor rings to fit marginally larger speakers (from 4" to 6.5") in the front doors. I could be wrong but I imagine the difference this marginal since either size is not going to produce a lot of bass - the proper bass will come from a sub woofer and most of the mid-bass from the rear 6.5s - in my experience trying to get too much bass out of a door speaker often results in rattles etc.

To cut a long story short, I was thinking of fitting some Infinity Reference 4012i speakers to the front doors, these are 4" and so hopefuly fitment should be easy. I was thinking of adding a simple first order filter to gently remove frequencies below around 100Hz to ensure that the doors dont rattle,

So, anyone tried these speakers or equivalents? do they work well for front "fill-in" when you are not expecting any bass from them (only mid-bass)?

Is it easy to adapt 4 hole fitting to the stock 3 hole fitting? I guess thats just a case of drilling new holes?

anyway any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,


PS: Anyone tried the Basslink-T for the boot space? Does this work well considering its just an off the shelf active sub.

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Basslinks aren't bad, but a real seperate amp and sub will do wonders more.

4" is not enough for a front stage or even midbass. I wouldn't trust a 4 to get down below even 150hz, let alone into the real midbass (below 100hz) The difference between a 4" and a 6.5" is huge. If you can manage to fit some, then please do so (I know others have) I would look into brands other then infintiy as well...they are mediocre at best (not crap, but nothing special) CDT makes some nice component sets that will fit just about anywhere and any budget...check those out.

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I put 6.5 Components in the front, had to make custom brackets since the 4" speaker and bracket could not be reused. No toher modifications are necessary, but be sure to use that sound deadening pad behind the speaker again.

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Lexan Speaker Brackets

I can get some Lexan brackets made up locally here that will outlast and outperform other brackets being sold. Lexan is polycarbonate and bulletproof essentially and will not fall apart over time like mdf or particleboard and less prone to cracking like some cheaper plastics.

if interested email or pm me.

the cost is $80 plus shipping and can be custom cut to exact cutout dimensions of your speaker. they are cut on CNC machine.


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Thanks for the advice!

Hi all,

Ok thanks for all the advice, I hear what you are saying regarding the 6.5" rather than 4". I guess I was just keen to leave things as stock as possible but in this instance it seems worth while to make the minor changes needed for the larger units.

Do any of you know if after fitting the 6.5" speakers it is possible to retain the standard speaker grill (which is oversized for the stock 4") so that the car looks nice and standard still?

I have started on another project for the moment, I gave up on the basslink-t (doesnt look like a good performer for the money) and so I'm making a slim custom ported sub enclosure to hold 2 * 12" subwoofers being driven off a powerful class D monoblock amp. Once this is installed then I will be able to just just how much front sound stage is needed to balance it all up, I dare say 6.5" will be a minimum.

Once the sub is complete I'll probably be in touch regarding that installation door bracket, looks like a nice professional fit.

Oh, whats the deal with the in dash tweaters? worth replacing with a component tweater in the same place, or just add a coaxial/component set to the doors as well?

Well thanks for all the help, hopefully at some point soon I'll be able to hear the stereo properly over the sound of the exhaust! Although it makes such a lovely sound I'm sure the stereo will often be switched off just so I can fully appreciate it and that sweet 2JZ.

cheers all,


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I made custom brackets similar to gruvytunes and kept the stock grills as well. The stock grill blocks most of the 6.5" speaker though, so I am looking into a custom grills to expose the speakers more, yet fit in the 7.25" mounting area and cover the entire whole.

I removed the stock grill so that I could get the new 6.5" speakers centered with the door panels. PITA to remove the grill without messing it up, but works.

The tweeters belong in the dash! Just take out the old ones and have newer ones installed in the factory location. Don't drill into those $1,000ish door panels and possibly messup. The tweeters sound and work better in the dash!

Very nice brackets Gruvytune!!! Good job!

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i put mine in the door. sound great
will use the alpine system for time delay.

i used the focal grills and they came out great

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hey, well the sub is built!

Slight change of topic, but the sub is built now, it seems to kick-ass when I tried in in the front room!

2* 12" 700w rms drivers on a 900w rms class d amp, should do the trick!

My slight misscalculation means I need to find a way to raise the rear blind/parcel shelf up by a bit (by maybe just 2 cm or less) so that the sub will fit underneath. I want it to be all hidden away and stealthy, otherwise sure enough someone will break in and steal it at some point!

anyone got any ideas for how best to raise the rear blind, there must be a simple way? I should probably make a new post I guess on this,

anyway, will be back to the front speaker upgrade soon enough,



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The fronts are not considered "fill" and don't expect much mid-bass from the rear seat speakers- those are filler at best.
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