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I have asked braddman for this post.

I am selling my 1995 Supra. I have owned this car since 1998. Since there weren’t many hardtops around, I bought a NA automatic. The car was fully transformed into TT 6-speed in 2000. Due to work, I have not driven the car very much. I bought the car with ~32k miles. TT engine/6-speed were put in at ~47k k miles. The single was installed last winter at around 49,7xx miles. The odometer now reads 50,5xx. AEM was tuned by Justin. The car made 49x RWHP with a catalytic converter on stock fuel system.

I used to have STACK meter, but I am keeping it. Thus, I have recently installed a brand new set of interior dash panels. Also because of the STACK meter removal, there are 3 temp/pressure probes (water temp, oil temp, oil pressure) left in the engine bay as plugs. You can easily remove those and use your own temp/pressure probes. In addition, HKS TT timer and HKS EVC4 were wired but not installed (because of the new dash panel).

There are 2 issues: 1) rear bumper has a minor crack and 2) the car sometimes stalls after shifting to neutral with AC on. The crack can be fixed with a repaint of the rear bumper ($400 – $500). The stall issue is probably with the AEM map. I am sure Justin can easily fix it. I was still trying getting used to the single turbo, thus, did not bother to have these issues fixed.

These pictures were taken this January: I will post recent photos soon. The car has a clean title and is registered as a NY vehicle. The car is now at Los Angeles. It will probably remain here for another month or so before being shipped back to NYC.

I am selling the car because I will be relocated overseas. I am asking $35,000 or best offer. I also have 720cc fuel system and RaceLogic to be installed. If interested, I can sell them as well. The price is negotiable. Please e-mail me at [email protected] for more details.



Year: 1995
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 50,5xx
VIN number: JT2JA81L0S0030166
Exterior color: Super white
Interior color: Black

All items were bought new, unless otherwise noted
Conversion from NA to TT
TT Engine (used, about the same mileage as my car at the time of swap)
Engine wire harness (new from Toyota)
Ignitor (new from Toyota)
Conversion from automatic to 6-speed
Transmission (used)
TRD single disc clutch
Toyota flywheel
ARC intercooler
ARC radiator
ARC thermostat
HKS T04R turbo kit, replaced turbo with T61
HPC coated downpipe
VeilSide Titanium Exhaust
RandomTech mid-pipe
RandomTech catalytic converter
Walbro fuel pump (sitting on a modified bracket, ready for 2nd pump)
AEM EMS (tuned by Justin, made 49x RWHP with catalytic converter)

Brand new interior dash panels
AEM Wideband
HKS EVC 4 boost controller (wired, not installed)
HKS turbo timer type 1 (wired, not installed)
Recaro SR-3 AVUS seats (driver and passenger)
Upholstered rear seat with Reacro AVUS material
Kenwood eXcelon X-959 headunit
Kenwood eXcelon front speakers
Kenwood eXcelon rear speakers
Kenwood eXcelon tweeters
GReddy radiator pipe
Samco Sports silicone couplers
Powder coated intercooler & radiator pipes
Carbon fiber engine cover
BoostLogic turbo blanket
Battery relocation to trunk
Optima BlueTop marine deep cycle battery
TRD oil cap

TT brakes (powder coated red)
TRD brake line
TEIN RA coilover
Custom built front and rear sway bars
TRD strut brace
Work Emotion 17x9.5 front and 17x8.5 (widened to 11) rear
Sumitomo HTR 255/40 front and 315/35 rear tires

Euro glass headlight retrofitted with BMW X5 HID
Trial Front Bumper
Trial Rear Bumper
Trial Sideskirt
Trial Hood
Trial GT Wing, special order from Trial
Do-Luck Fenders with Japanese spec side markers
Repaint from factory pearl white to Toyota super white
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